Inverewe Garden near Poolewe

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The Inverewe Garden is owned and run by the National Trust for Scotland and is visited by many people each year, some travelling around Scotland on Scottish bus tours of the Highlands, others making their own way to explore and discover Scotland for themselves.

More details on the NTS website. Inverewe Garden has a wide range of semi-tropical plants. The garden was built in 1862 by Osgood Mackenzie on barren land with trees planted on 100 acres to provide shelter for the garden. This is a truly amazing garden and well worth taking a trip to Poolewe to see.

Inverewe Garden

Walled garden at Inverewe

Inverewe walled garden

Map of Inverewe

Discover Inverewe Garden using Google Map Street View by clicking on the small person icon on the mapStreet View and dragging it to the position on the map you want to explore. You can move around the garden and see the different sections. This is a good way to plan your visit to the garden as it allows you to discover the parts that interest you. When planning your visit it is well worth remembering that the garden and estate covers over 100 acres and you should plan several hrs to see the garden. Another suggestion is that buying a family membership you can save a fair bit on entrance fees and it also allows you unlimited visits to Inverewe Garden as well as the many other National Trust properties throughout Scotland.

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Inverewe Garden in Pictures


Eucalyptus trees from Australia grow well at the garden. They have fascinating tree bark and scented leaves.

Semi-tender plants growing at Inverewe Garden

Semi-tender plants growing without weather protection at Inverewe.

Hostas and herbaceous plants at Inverewe

Hostas and other herbaceous plants grow well and are planted densly to provide ground cover and reduce weed growth.

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